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Knit It

I do love a good woollen or cotton knit, there’s something sexy and dreamy about donning a cotton knit in summer, and throughout winter I feel a special connection with my hearty woollens…  it’s a comfort and warmth thing, security I suppose, perhaps even protection. I ponder the journey the fibre has taken from farm to wardrobe, waiting patiently for winter to roll around until it eventually has the opportunity to lay itself upon my skin offering warmth and comfort – the full circle so to speak.


Feathered Frocks

There is something intrinsically extravagant about feathered frocks, perhaps it’s because I live in a small costal town where people mainly kick around in super casual wear like bikinis and shorts in summer, or jeans and t-shirts in winter. On the rare occasion that you do see someone even slightly dressed up is when they are either off to a wedding or making an appearance in court!

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Sand Art

There is something remarkably unique about artists who choose sand, ocean, and the shifting tides as a canvas for their medium. Perhaps it’s the absence of ego or attachment to their work, or their ability to work with such a huge space, governed by the majestic force of Nature. Whatever it is, their work always renders me speechless, and leaves me wondering what type of evolved human being can produce such dexterous works of art, to only have it washed away from underneath them within hours.

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Urban Angels

I like the idea of urban angels, celestial city dwellers gifted with invisible wings waiting patiently around the corner, at the cinema or on the subway ready to mop up after our mistakes. They protect us from daily mishaps, or help us avoid that certain situation by intercepting a moment in time. I doubt they exist, but I like to think they do.