Simplicity is the Key

Posted on August 20, 2013

I was inspired to create something beautiful using my late grandmother’s collection of antique sheet music. My grandmother’s passion was playing and teaching music… she played the piano and cello, and although I have no memory of her doing this, it was important for to me to create something which honoured one of her great loves in life.

Not long after my mother was born, her marriage to my grandfather broke down. They decided to end their marriage, something which was quite rare in her day.

Such a decision meant she had no choice but to go back and live with her parents. In order to support her only child, my mother, she made the decision to give up her love for music and work as a secretary at the local school in Brisbane where she remained for the entirety of her working life.

So this simple little wallet has a story and a significance much greater than what meets the eye. The lining of each purse has come from my wonderful grandmother’s collection of her much loved sheet music.

Designed to soften beautifully over time, our cowhide leather ‘Simplicity’ purse is lined with authentic untreated antique sheet music. Handcrafted with a seamless and sophisticated finish, this simple yet timeless design has been created to serve whatever purpose your little heart desires.
One size.
Length: 11.5cm
Width: 17.5cm
Length of the brass key and shell zip attachment: 11cm
Due to the untreated nature of the antique sheet music lining, we suggest care be taken with this product as flaking may occur over time. We do not consider this a design fault.
AUD $89

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