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Sunset, Shadows & Sea Mist


It’s hard to not be inspired living in Byron Bay, the beauty that exists in this little town is overwhelming. Its beaches, the landscape, creative and talented people, it’s no wonder thousands of people flock to this area year after year… Magical things just seem to happen here.

Here at Republic of You headquarters, ideas have been flowing in abundance. Feeling inspired, we dreamed up a luxurious washed-up beach shoot to showcase some of our favourite designs. With the help of some very talented people, our dreams quickly became reality.

We called upon Byron Bay’s ‘it girl’ when it comes to fashion shoots, self-confessed ocean dwelling, free spirited gypsy photographer Carly Brown. We also struck some serious gold in selecting our model for the shoot. Bulgarian born, first-time model and super babe Niki Gelagotis, blew us away with the ease at which she graciously rolled around in the sand looking glamorous.

On a near perfect Autumn afternoon, we trekked to a secret location where long stretches of white sandy beaches abounded. That afternoon we dined out on a delicious sunset, shadows and sea-mist.

This is the magic we created… We just couldn’t wait to share it with you! x

Our shoot featured the following items you can purchase from on our website:

Behind the Scenes

Yesterday afternoon we dined out on shadows, sunsets and sea-mist whilst shooting on the beach of Byron Bay with photographer Carly Brown, who effortlessly snapped away capturing our washed up luxurious castaway vibe. Watch this space for our final cut of these amazing images.

Cruising with Patti Smith

We have a serious 70s crush….

Inspired by the 1970s New York poet, punk rocker and style icon herself, The Patti Smith Effect is a super hot cowhide leather cuff designed for both men and women, that offers an urban rock n’ roll edge with a seamless finish.

Available in black, brown and natural, you can find this rad little number on our website for $89.00.

Dreaming of an Island Lifestyle

Seems we’ve been in a blue lagoon kinda mood of late…. So we created a new range of gorgeous island castaway blue lagoon inspired pieces…


She Stole Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

With the end of Summer rapidly approaching, we tend to grasp it with our two hands for as long as we possibly can.

‘She Stole Sea Shells’ is one of our favourite ocean inspired pieces handcrafted in our Byron Bay studio.

Available online and packaged beautifully in a hard covered black box… this is a truly gorgeous piece for self or a loved one.

AUD $99.00
FREE SHIPPING throughout Australia for a limited time.  


Be Your Own Valentine

With Valentines Day just a hop skip and a fluttering heartbeat away, this last week has had me thinking a lot about that loaded four letter word – love.

Being a single woman rapidly approaching 40, I felt a little uncomfortable with the idea of dishing out dating advice or sharing my somewhat limited ponderings on love, so instead I’ve decided to share with you what I have found to be one of the most fundamental lessons when it comes to love…

In the past when I found myself crying into a cup of organic cocoa over the guy I swore was going to be the one… I would scrutinize at which exact point I lost myself in the relationship. Generally, the answer would be “in the first 0.3256 seconds”… and in that moment I would remind myself the next relationship I was to embark on, would be one with self. Continue Reading →

Martinique Island Style

Our new online stockist Martinique Island Style has been busy buying up in the Republic of You department… here is a little sneak peek at their range of exclusive one off pieces of wearable art.

The best dieting advice we have come across all year!

King of the Jungle

Actress and model Tippi Hedren, also the mother of actress Melanie Griffith was best known for her role in Hitchcock’s film The Birds.

In 1969, Tippi was filming a movie in Africa and visited an abandoned house in Mozambique occupied by 30 lions and their cubs. Her time spent there changed her life forever and prompted both her and her husband to make a movie about what they had seen.

Production of the 1981 epic film Roar which was considered to be one of the most dangerous films ever made. Little did Tippi and her husband know, but this film starring dozens of African lions would be an 11-year investment that would later cost them their marriage. For a project that cost over $17.5 million, the film only grossed just over $2million in the end.

Soon after production of the film wrapped in 1983, she founded the Shambala Preserve, a fully functioning animal sanctuary to protect exotic animals who suffered from gross mistreatment and neglect.

Hedren still looks back with nostalgia however to the days when she had wild animals in her home:

“I miss nursing the cubs very much,” she said. “I really treasure that experience. There’s nothing sweeter than a little baby lion or tiger cub. They’re magical.”



Key Notes & Essentials:

We like to think simplicity is one of the keys to sophistication, so we have designed this simple yet functional and uber stylish document wallet or computer sleeve to suit both men and women. Seamlessly handcrafted, with durable cowhide leather on both the inside and out, each wallet features a genuine vintage cloakroom tag from 1950s London, and an interior pocket lined with authentic antique sheet music (see history below).


I was inspired to create something beautiful using my late grandmother’s collection of antique sheet music. My grandmother’s passion was playing and teaching music… she played the piano and cello, and although I have no memory of her doing this, it was important for to me to create something which honoured one of her great loves in life. Continue Reading →

Recipe for health and happiness...

Simplicity is the Key

I was inspired to create something beautiful using my late grandmother’s collection of antique sheet music. My grandmother’s passion was playing and teaching music… she played the piano and cello, and although I have no memory of her doing this, it was important for to me to create something which honoured one of her great loves in life.

Not long after my mother was born, her marriage to my grandfather broke down. They decided to end their marriage, something which was quite rare in her day.

Such a decision meant she had no choice but to go back and live with her parents. In order to support her only child, my mother, she made the decision to give up her love for music and work as a secretary at the local school in Brisbane where she remained for the entirety of her working life.

So this simple little wallet has a story and a significance much greater than what meets the eye. The lining of each purse has come from my wonderful grandmother’s collection of her much loved sheet music.

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‘The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.’ – St. Augustine

The art of giving and receiving love… It’s simple really!

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.
- Henry David Thoreau

“We dont stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.”
– George Bernard Shaw

Hepburn on Life

I decided, very early on just to accept life unconditionally; I never expected it to do anything special for me, Yet I seemed to accomplish far more than I had ever hoped. Most of the time it just happened to me without me ever seeking it.
- Audrey Hepburn

Skate Boarding

I live in a small and breathtakingly beautiful beachside town on the far east coast of Australia. It is famous for its pristine surf beaches, alternative lifestyle and the bohemian gypsies who flocked to the area in the 1970s and never left.

Every evening at sunset, local skaters gather at the beachfront car park where hippies beat at drums to call out the closing of another day in paradise. Tourists gather to watch the sun setting over the distant mountains, and skaters of all ages, who have devised their own unspoken dusk ritual of sharing the car park with the coming and going of holiday makers, and locals in cars as constant as the waves that crash on the shoreline.

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The Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

Hmmm... Interesting... There must be ANOTHER Bermuda Triangle out there somewhere  in between those pesky islands of Instagram, Facebook and Hotmail!

The Life of Jia

The life of gorgeous Jia, our Blog Researcher at Republic of You, taken by her very talented sister Ming Nomchong Photography.
“It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone.”
- Hans F Hansen