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Be Seen in Green

Mr Hendrix is kicking it in some seriously psychedelic threads.
‘Be Seen in Green’… If Jimi can do it, you can too!

 We feel your vibe today Jimi!

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Picnic at Los Angeles Alligator Farm, circa 1920′s.

The best dieting advice we have come across all year!

Guess Who?

Images of young icons that made us go ‘wow’!

I always thought Denial was a river in Africa.

“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere”
~ Albert Einstein

The Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

Hmmm... Interesting... There must be ANOTHER Bermuda Triangle out there somewhere  in between those pesky islands of Instagram, Facebook and Hotmail!

Awareness is like toothpaste, once its out you can’t squeeze it back in, so you might as well just use it!

(Image: Claes Oldenburg American sculptor).
Did you say something?

‘Normal’ is the cycle on a washing machine!


Im·ma·ture ( m -ty r , -t r , -ch r ). adj.
A word boring people use to describe fun people.

Weird & Wonderful

“Weird is just a side effect of awesome”
- unknown

“Have I gone mad?” said the Mad Hatter… “I’m afraid so”, said Alice, “You’re entirely bonkers… but I’ll tell you a secret, all the best people are.”

‘Always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn… then always be a unicorn’ – unknown

Inner Peace


Beverley Hills 1977

This candid series of photographs was captured in 1977 by a young man, Brad Elterman at a private party behind the Beverly Hills Hotel:


“I think John Rockwell invited me to this party. Behind the Beverly Hills Hotel is a huge mansion owned by David Lane. I knew many of the guests, although an older crowd for me because I was just out of my teens. It was a warm sunny afternoon. I was standing next to the bar trying to get a Seven-Up. Suddenly, this lovely girl started to strip down right in front of me. I only had a wide-angle 28 mm camera lens, not really wide enough for the moment, so I backed up as far as I could, almost knocking over the bar. You have to do the best you can in these situations.” – Photographer Brad Elterman

1930′s London

A policeman judges an ankle competition at Hounslow, London, 1930