Gypsy Spells & Wishing Wells | Brass Wishbone Pendant Necklace | Unisex 1

‘Gypsy Spells & Wishing Wells’

Posted on November 13, 2012

Gypsy Spells & Wishing Wells is a gorgeous little piece cast in solid brass.  Designed as a contemporary good luck charm for both men and women.

Cast directly from a wishbone my mum gave me after one of her famous Sunday roasts, this piece honors the sweet little tradition my sister and I would partake in as kids whereby each would grasp a piece of the wishbone in our pinkie finger, close our eyes, and yank with all our might.  Whoever ended up with the longest piece was the one who would get a wish!

Gypsy Spells & Wishing Wells is very much an ode to my childhood memories, and hopefully also yours.
AUD $79

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