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‘Under Lock and Key’

Under Lock and Key is a striking duo of solid brass keys designed for both men and women.  The piece represents our ability as human beings to grasp life by the horns and gain an element of control over our destiny.

Reminding the wearer of their capability to lock the door and walk away from the more detrimental situations in their lives, and to open another more rewarding door leading to a chapter of greater happiness and personal fulfilment. This piece is designed as a reminder that we have the ability to create the life we truly want.

AUD $99 

‘She Stole Sea Shells’

She Stole Sea Shells is an absolutely divine ocean inspired piece individually handcrafted in our Byron Bay studio. With clusters of natural sliced cowry shells from East Timor, and a peppering of dazzling solid brass cowry shells pendants.  This is an arresting and impressive piece designed for those of us who love the ocean and all it represents.

AUD $99  

‘Watching the Butterfly Flutter By’

Watching the Butterfly Flutter By is a divine little piece inspired by an original antique clock key we sourced from India.

We decided it was just too cute to not share with the world, so we redesigned it in a hearty and impressive brass finish for those of us who are still filled with awe and wonder at natures little treasures – the butterfly.

AUD $69 

‘Lovers Unite’

Lovers Unite is seriously the sweetest little love heart key pendant necklace around, inspired by an authentic antique love heart key we acquired in France. We redesigned the original key in a solid brass finish to present to you in the form of an unforgettable piece you will struggle to take off.

AUD $69

Multi Purpose Leather Purse

‘Simplicity is the Key’

Designed with a hardwearing cowhide leather exterior, and creatively lined with authentic antique sheet music, our Simplicity is the Key purse has been
handcrafted with a seamless and sophisticated finish. Offering several purposes depending on your requirements, this simple yet stylish wallet can be used as either a protective case for your smartphone, or a purse to hold your notes and cards.

AU $109

Unisex Leather Double Cuff

‘Cuff Me Now or Lose Me Forever’

Inspired by the plethora of boho hippy cuffs of a similar genre, we have re-designed the leather cuff with a seamless finish adding a splice of sophistication and style to a previously grungy look. Cuff Me Now or Lose Me Forever has been designed for both men and women, and offers an undeniable edge for those who like to keep it casual, yet step it up a little in the design department.

AU $99

Leather Clutch

‘Hold Me Close, Never Let Me Go’

My girlfriends seriously cannot keep their eyes (or hands) off my favorite vintage clutch, so we decided to create Republic of You’s very own version of this much loved and sought after piece. Titled Hold Me Closer Never Let Me Go, this clutch purse has been created with RoY’s stamp of creative individuality. Leather lined on the inside with a durable cowhide leather exterior, it also features an authentic antique key attachment to the zipper, and an interior pocket beautifully lined with vintage sheet music. This piece is certainly a standout and perfect for those of us who like to ‘do’ fashion a little differently.


Leather Corset Belt

‘Slightly Waisted’

Our corset inspired belt is an outstanding piece created to fit the ever-changing curves of our varied and beautiful bodies. With darts tapered to follow the curve of our hips, and six small leather adjustable belt straps designed to shift and adjust as need be, our Slightly Waisted belt is certainly a standout piece.  With a truly stunning and timeless finish, we hope your children will be pulling it out of your wardrobe in decades to come.


Leather Document Wallet

‘Key Notes & Essentials’

Where items we use everyday are concerned, we believe simplicity is the key to sophistication, so we have designed a simple yet functional and stylish document wallet or computer sleeve to suit both men and women. Handcrafted with durable cowhide leather, fully leather lined inside and finished beautifully, this stylish wallet features an authentic vintage cloakroom tag and an interior pocket lined with stunning antique sheet music.


Art is in the eye of the beholder.

Clever and compelling digital collage of nudes by internationally renowned Sydney based studio Electric Art.


Skulls feature prominently in my work… There is something strangely compelling and beautiful about intricately carved skulls.

Republic of You skulls are all individually carved by hand from naturally shed deer antler. The blueprint we use comes from a 300-year-old design passed down through generations of a family of carvers.

I just adore the grungy allure they add to a piece when coupled with other interesting and striking features such as the softness of a cowry shell or a beautiful antique key.

On set of The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957).

‘Seek and You Shall Find’

Exclusive one-off piece of wearable art handcrafted in our Byron Bay studio, Australia.

Antique hand-blown glass apothecary medicine bottle, with rolled map of Paris, circa 1920′s.
Vintage enamel crucifix and vintage religious ‘Jesus’ icon from Rome.
Antique hand cast ‘bug’ beads from the Igbo Tribe of Nigeria, Africa.
Cowry shell clusters from East Timor.
Miniature glass and brass beading with knotted and waxed hemp detail.

‘An Ode to Shoes’

Exclusive one-off piece of wearable art handcrafted in our Byron Bay studio.

Solid brass pistol pendat with antique ‘Shoes 307′ brass tag from London.
Miniature skull, hand caved from naturally shed deer antler.
Vintage brass crucifix from Rome, circa 1950′s.
Brass beading with knotted and waxed cotton detail, with kangaroo hide leather entwined brass chain.


‘Rite of Passage’

Featuring an antique traditional brass Dorje ritual object from Tibet, with cowry shell clusters from East Timor, wooden, brass and miniature glass beading and brass chain entwined with kangaroo hide leather.

The word Dorje means Lord of Stones in Tibetan. It symbolizes the capacity to transform all experience into an experience of enlightened perspective. The dorje symbolizes the skillful means of transforming our ordinary experience to one that will propel us on our spiritual path. The dorje has five extraordinary characteristics. It is impenetrable, immovable, immutable, indivisible, and indestructible. The dorje is the indestructible weapon of the wrathful deities. It is the symbol of spiritual authority of the peaceful deities.

Guaranteed one-off piece of wearable art handcrafted in our Byron Bay studio, Australia.
AUD $399

Wooden Wrist Wear

Designed for everyday wear, our stunning range of hand carved wooden bangles have sweet little messages engraved in each, as a subtle reminder of what’s important in life. All priced under AUD $50 they make the perfect gift for self or a loved one.

Knit It

I do love a good woollen or cotton knit, there’s something sexy and dreamy about donning a cotton knit in summer, and throughout winter I feel a special connection with my hearty woollens…  it’s a comfort and warmth thing, security I suppose, perhaps even protection. I ponder the journey the fibre has taken from farm to wardrobe, waiting patiently for winter to roll around until it eventually has the opportunity to lay itself upon my skin offering warmth and comfort – the full circle so to speak.