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Icarus Rises Again

Inspired by Greek Mythology and the story of Icarus, this one-off collectors pieces titled ‘Icarus Rising’ features ethically sourced Golden Tip Pheasant feathers from the United Kingdom, cowry shells from East Timor, brass beading and chain with knotted cotton and hand-cut kangaroo hide leather tassel detail. – AUD $519

Introducing our NEW Africana inspired neckpiece titled ‘Zulu Woman’ – AUD $299
(Available in blue, black, brown, yellow, red and natural.)
 Each neckpiece is individually handcrafted in our Byron Bay studio, and features hand-cut kangaroo hide leather tassels, cowry shells from East Timor and ghungaroo bell beads from the Banjara People of Northern India.
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Elaborate and Beautiful


‘The High Priestess’
AUD $639 | SOLD
Old handmade coptic cross pendant from Ethiopia.
Old decorative cylinder beads and silver alloy Ghungaroo bell beads from the nomadic Banjara Tribe of Northern India.
Miniature skull beads intricately hand carved from buffalo horn, using a 300-year-old design passed down through generations of a family of carvers.
Cowry shell clusters from East Timor.
Wooden beading with knotted cotton and a kangaroo hide leather tie.


‘Siren of the Sea’
AUD $549
Old decorative Indian coin pendant dated 1984.
Old ghungroo bell beads and cylinder beads from the nomadic Banjara Tribe of Northern India.
Old ostrich eggshell disk beads from Kenya, Africa.
Fish vertebrae trade beads from Gambia, Africa.
Cowry shell clusters from East Timor.
Knotted hemp string with kangaroo hide leather tie.

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Mantiques. Antiques for Men.

We create unique, meaningful and exclusive one-off pieces of wearable art by collecting a vast array of vintage, antique and collectible items from across the globe. Individually handcrafted in our Byron Bay studio, we breathe new life into these forgotten relics by giving each piece its own unique title and an accompanying story listing the features incorporated within each piece.
‘The Diver and the Deep Blue Sea’
AUD $579 | SOLD
Vintage nautical iron anchor pendant from Australia.
Solid brass cowy shell pendants.
Old keys from India.
Small skull beads intricately carved by hand from deer antler, using a 300-year-old design passed down through generations of a family of carvers.
Brass beading with knotted kangaroo hide leather detail.
‘Desert Wanderer’
AUD $479
Old key from India.
Old silver alloy coin pendant dated from 1985 to 1986, from the nomadic Banjara Tribe of Northern India (see history below).
Old snake vertebrae bone beads from the Sub-Saharan region, West Africa (see history below).
Knotted and wrapped kangaroo hide leather detail.

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Latest Works of Wearable Art

We have been busy bee’s in the Republic studio, creating a stunning new range of exclusive one-off designer pieces for the festive season… This collection we have focused on neutral tones and striking black and cream pieces adorned with antique silver-alloy tribal features.

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Darkness Prevails

Our latest one-off neckpieces are inspired by a dark and and moody mystical realm. With key features from Ethiopia and the nomadic Banjara Tribe of Northern India, we have used masses of kangaroo hide leather that has been knotted and wrapped to give a truly unique aesthetic.

These pieces are available exclusively at Island Luxe and Island Luxe Tribe in the beautiful Byron Bay region.

Island Luxe Tribe
1/11 Marvell Street
Byron Bay, NSW, Australia 2481
phone +61 02 6680 9600
Island Luxe
62 Byron Street
Bangalow, NSW, Australia 2479
phone +61 02 6687 1605

Unique Leather Finger Wear

We are super proud to present to you a unique collaboration between designers Buffalo Girl and Republic of You. We figure two artisans are better than one, so together we designed a gorgeous range of hand-cut, hand-stamped and hand-dyed leather rings handcrafted in the Buffalo Girl studio in Byron Bay, Australia. Using beautiful European leather designed to soften over time, these simple designs are standout pieces with three of the four designs depicting traditional Native American Indian symbols.

Native American Indians are deeply spiritual tribes people whose lives are dominated by rituals and beliefs which are closely connected to their sacred connection with nature. These beliefs are reflected in the various geometric symbols they use, and these symbols communicate their history, thoughts, ideas and dreams from generation to generation. The symbols are generally portrayals of celestial bodies, natural phenomena and animal designs, with the meaning for each varying greatly from one tribe to another and also across different tribal regions.

Some symbols convey immediately identifiable secret messages to other tribe members distinguishing particular clans, others are specific to individual families and passed down from one generation to another.  Other Native American symbols have more practical purposes such as recording important events, providing directions, acting as warning signs or indicating good hunting areas or areas designated for a specific purpose.

Native American geometric symbols are depicted on numerous objects such as their clothes, tepees, and horses just to name a few. An individual’s belongings are decorated with art and include symbols depicting achievements, acts of heroism, various spirit guides and notable events of his or her life. Continue Reading →

Martinique Island Style

Our new online stockist Martinique Island Style has been busy buying up in the Republic of You department… here is a little sneak peek at their range of exclusive one off pieces of wearable art.

The Wild Wild West

Embossed Leather Gunpowder Flask, circa 1865

We present to you this stunning authentic antique leather gunpowder flask from the American Civil War era, circa 1865. The leather body of this piece is embossed with a truly beautiful hunting scene depicting a gentleman wearing a top hat, carrying a gun with his hunting dog by his side in the woods.

This mid 19th Century flattened pear shaped design is referred to as the ‘powder pear’ or, ‘poire-poudre’. It has a quick loading gunpowder measuring and dispensing mechanism in excellent working order, and the spout is made of brass. At the bottom of the pear shaped flask is a small ring which was once used to thread with cord and sling around the neck for quick access. Gunpowder flasks with these rings were eventually phased out after the 19th Century when Europeans incorporated large pockets into the design of hunting clothes.
(See history below for further information).

A powder flask is a small container for gunpowder, which was an essential part of shooting equipment with muzzle-loading guns before pre-made bullets or cartridges became standard in the late 19th Century. The styles and designs for gunpowder flasks differed greatly with the very elaborately decorated works of art generally used for sport-shooting and hunting. Continue Reading →

For the Love of Lace

Republic of You collects a vast array of vintage, antique and collectible items from across the globe. We breathe new life into forgotten relics from history creating unique and meaningful exclusive one-off pieces of wearable art.
Each piece individually handcrafted in our Byron Bay studio is given its own unique title and an accompanying story listing the features incorporated within the piece.

This piece titled For the Love of Lace, features:

  • Antique lace collar from the early 1900s.
  • Antique etched fob watch from London (not in working order).
  • WWII General Service tunic buttons from the United Kingdom.
  • Brass chain and miniature glass beads.
  • Antique silver alloy pendants from the Newari People of Kathmandu Valley, Nepal (see history below).
  • Antique hand-cast brass bead from the Igbo Tribe of Nigeria, Africa (see history below).
  • POA


Length: 35cm
Width: 32cm
Width of fob watch: 5cm
Width of buttons: 2cm
Length is measured from the clasp at the back of neck to the end of the piece.
Width is measured at the widest point of the main feature.
Due to the handcrafted nature of this product sizing may vary slightly from the dimensions listed.


The Igbo Tribe:

The Igbo people, formerly known as ‘Ibo’ are one of the largest and most influential ethnic groups in Nigeria. They live mainly in the forested areas of southwest Nigeria, on both sides of the Niger River, and the Igbo number some ten million individuals. They are subdivided into thirty-three subgroups and are spread out among about two hundred villages scattered through thick forest and semi-fertile marshland.

The heads of families form the council of elders which shares its power with numerous secret societies. These societies exercise great political and social influence. They are hierarchical, with their members passing from one level to the next. There is strong social pressure toward individual distinction and men can move upward through successive grades by demonstrating their achievements and their generosity. Continue Reading →


Key Notes & Essentials:

We like to think simplicity is one of the keys to sophistication, so we have designed this simple yet functional and uber stylish document wallet or computer sleeve to suit both men and women. Seamlessly handcrafted, with durable cowhide leather on both the inside and out, each wallet features a genuine vintage cloakroom tag from 1950s London, and an interior pocket lined with authentic antique sheet music (see history below).


I was inspired to create something beautiful using my late grandmother’s collection of antique sheet music. My grandmother’s passion was playing and teaching music… she played the piano and cello, and although I have no memory of her doing this, it was important for to me to create something which honoured one of her great loves in life. Continue Reading →

Simplicity is the Key

I was inspired to create something beautiful using my late grandmother’s collection of antique sheet music. My grandmother’s passion was playing and teaching music… she played the piano and cello, and although I have no memory of her doing this, it was important for to me to create something which honoured one of her great loves in life.

Not long after my mother was born, her marriage to my grandfather broke down. They decided to end their marriage, something which was quite rare in her day.

Such a decision meant she had no choice but to go back and live with her parents. In order to support her only child, my mother, she made the decision to give up her love for music and work as a secretary at the local school in Brisbane where she remained for the entirety of her working life.

So this simple little wallet has a story and a significance much greater than what meets the eye. The lining of each purse has come from my wonderful grandmother’s collection of her much loved sheet music.

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History of the Kitabe

We collect these incredible leather amulet scrolls also known as Kitabe’s, from Ethiopia and incorporate them into our one-off neckpieces.

Each Kitabe is individual, and worn for a man’s lifetime. Written for one particular person, the text is in Ethiopic (Ge’ez), a Semitic language that is no longer spoken, but is still used for liturgical and other religious purposes by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

The scrolls inside are occasionally paper, but are most often vellum, usually calfskin, prepared by a lengthy exposure in lime, scraped with a rounded knife and finally rubbed smooth with pumice stone. The vellum is often scored with a pin, and then written in black ink with titles and holy names often scribed in red. Although the subjects of these ‘bibles’ are always Christian, the actual content varies.

It is difficult to date these pieces, which were made as early as the fourteenth century and continued through until about 1850.

Gypsy Spirit

Introducing our gorgeous new 'Gypsy Spirit' boho cowry shell bracelet featuring old coins and bell pendants from India - AUD $89.

‘The Human Condition’

The Human Condition is a grungy piece with a classic urban edge for those of us who like to do ‘skulls’ with a little style.  Each skull is meticulously carved by hand from naturally shed deer antler, using a 300-year-old design passed down through generations of a family of carvers.

Paired with a miniature solid brass key and the Republic of You makers mark, this is a stylish conversational piece designed for everyday wear.

AUD $99

‘Adore & Adorn’

Adore & Adorn are a gorgeous duo of brass bangles inspired by the beautiful quote from the ancient Greek born philosopher Epictetus, “Know first who you are, then adorn yourself accordingly”.

This charming duo has been designed in with a solid brass cowry shell pendant, and was created specifically to compliment our hand carved wooden ‘Remember’ bangles, so that you can adore yourself and adorn in the process!

AUD $49 

The Pattie Smith Effect

‘The Pattie Smith Effect’

Inspired by the plethora of boho hippy cuffs of a similar genre, we have re-designed the leather cuff with a seamless finish adding a splice of sophistication and style to a previously grungy look. The Pattie Smith Effect has been designed for both men and women, and offers an undeniable edge for those who like to keep it casual, yet step it up a little in the design department.

AU $89


Sometimes you just have to blow off a little steam!

‘The Adventures of Skull Island’

One-off collectible piece handcrafted in our Byron Bay Studio.

  • Naturally shed deer antler tip pendants in their natural form with brass mountings.
  • Skull pendants hand carved from naturally shed deer antler using a 300-year-old design passed down through a family of Indonesian carvers.
  • Cowry shell clusters from East Timor.
  • Wooden and brass beading on knotted hemp with an adjustable brass chain.

‘Our Lady of the Vast Ocean’

One-off collectible piece handcrafted in our Byron Bay Studio.

  • Nautical brass pendant.
  • Old Ostrich egg shell disk beads from Kenya, Africa.
  • Cowry shell clusters from East Timor.
  • Solid brass cowry shell pendant.
  • Antique decorative glass beading from Nepal.
  • Wooden and glass beading on knotted hemp with an adjustable brass chain.

‘Urban Angel’

Urban Angel is a divine wistful little piece for all the dreamers and believers amongst us. With the angel wing intricately and meticulously carved by hand from naturally shed deer antler, we have paired it with the sweetest miniature solid brass key to give it a more urban feel. We like to think of this piece as a talisman you wear to remind yourself that you are never alone, because angels are amongst us.

AUD $99 

‘Life is Short, Be Bold’

Inspired by the notion that we don’t end up regretting the things in life
we did, but rather those things we didn’t do. Our hand carved Be Bold bangle bears the message ‘Life is Short. Be Bold’, and although solid in appearance this bangle has been designed to look deceivingly heavy duty, yet is lightweight and perfect for everyday wear.

AUD $39



Our ‘Remember’ bangles were the very first product dreamed up in the Republic of You collection.  Designed as a subtle push to remind us what’s important in life, this quartet of hand carved wooden bangles tell us to ‘Be Grateful, Be True and Be You.’

Encompassing all that our label represents, this is a truly special gift for self or a loved one and will no doubt form a beautiful backing track to your life with the lovely little clinkety-clink they make when worn as a complete set.

AUD $49 

‘Gypsy Spells & Wishing Wells’

Gypsy Spells & Wishing Wells is a gorgeous little piece cast in solid brass.  Designed as a contemporary good luck charm for both men and women.

Cast directly from a wishbone my mum gave me after one of her famous Sunday roasts, this piece honors the sweet little tradition my sister and I would partake in as kids whereby each would grasp a piece of the wishbone in our pinkie finger, close our eyes, and yank with all our might.  Whoever ended up with the longest piece was the one who would get a wish!

Gypsy Spells & Wishing Wells is very much an ode to my childhood memories, and hopefully also yours.
AUD $79

‘Ode to the Antler’

Ode to the Antler is an earthy yet elegant piece featuring a naturally shed deer antler tooth or tip gently polished from its raw and natural form to reveal the stunning neutral tones of the antler.  Paired with a miniature solid brass barrel key, Ode to the Antler has been created for both men and women to respectfully adorn.

AUD $99

‘Go Against the Grain, Be You’

Our Be You bangle is beautifully carved by hand and bears the words ‘Go Against the Grain, Be You.’ engraved so subtly you would hardly know its there. And that was our exact intention…  This sweet little message is to encourage you to live life to the fullest and be your wonderful self.

It has been designed for no one else but yourself, like a lovely little secret between you and the universe… and of course us, but we promise we wont tell a soul!

AUD $39 

‘Urban Goth Esquire’

Urban Goth Esquire is a noteworthy solid brass pendant necklace designed for both men and women.  Moulded from our hand carved skull pendants using an exceptionally intricate 300-year-old traditional design passed down through the generations of a family of carvers.  This fact adds an almost eerie yet beautiful allure to the piece.

AUD $89 

‘Wild & Free’

Wild and Free is a standout piece for all the free spirited Cherokee wannabe’s amongst us.  Designed for both men and women, the skull of the buffalo has been intricately hand carved from naturally shed deer antler, the ‘horn’ element of the pendant has been carved using buffalo horn itself.

Teamed with a chic solid brass miniature brass key for a more urban look, Wild & Free promises to be a favourite addition to any bohemian collection.

AUD $119 

‘When Bonnie Met Clyde’

Inspired by the infamous tales of the vintage gangster duo, ‘When Bonnie Met Clyde’ is a super cool little piece for any pistol loving guy or doll amongst us. Made from solid brass with an alluring antique finish, this is certainly a wonderful grungy piece and sure to be a favourite in any collection.

AUD $79