Jim Denevan

Sand Art

Posted on July 16, 2012

There is something remarkably unique about artists who choose sand, ocean, and the shifting tides as a canvas for their medium. Perhaps it’s the absence of ego or attachment to their work, or their ability to work with such a huge space, governed by the majestic force of Nature. Whatever it is, their work always renders me speechless, and leaves me wondering what type of evolved human being can produce such dexterous works of art, to only have it washed away from underneath them within hours.

Santa Cruz Californian, Jim Denevan produces breathtaking works of sand art armed with a driftwood stick found at the scene, and a selection of simple rakes. I find the scale of his work majestic and almost incomprehensible, pushing boundaries of what is possible in the realm of art.

Another notable and incredibly talented sand artist is Andreas Amandor. With a lone rake the substitute for a paintbrush, San Francisco based Andreas also composes magnificent large scale works of art on the shores of our vast ocean. He waits for a full moon to ensure the tides are low enough to complete his grand designs before they’re permanently washed away.

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