Like the many layers of our human psyche, Republic of You has a personality of its own filled with complexities, moralistic standards, and core beliefs, embarking on its very own ever-changing journey in the cycle of life.

This Republic of You ‘journey’ is documented throughout our social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and of course our Blog… with regular postings telling a story based on imagery and inspiration.

Our great love is designing and creating our signature one-off pieces… little works of art in the form of unforgettable neckpieces.


Republic of You is a design company who source and collect a vast array of vintage, antique and collectible items from across the globe honoring those people who have walked before us.  We breathe new life into forgotten relics from history and create beautiful, meaningful and memorable one-off pieces of wearable art.

With our focus predominantly on history, fashion and art, Republic of You aims to be unconventional in our sometimes fierce and fickle world of fashion, and rather than indulge our throw away society, we aim to bring connectedness, meaning and longevity into our designs not only celebrating art, design, and creativity, but also encouraging individuality.

Our one-off pieces present our customers with the opportunity to make an informed and meaningful purchase. Each piece is individually handcrafted in our Byron Bay studio, and given its own unique title and an accompanying story, listing its features and the origins of those features incorporated within the piece.

When purchasing a piece from Republic of You, you are in fact acquiring a completely unique and guaranteed exclusive piece of art.

Nicoletta Revis

Founder, Director & Designer