Origin of the Wishbone Tradition


The superstitious ritual of breaking a wishbone has been around for centuries with an interesting history rooted in Medieval Europe. As far as historians and archaeologists can tell, in 15th Century Europe the Etruscans, an ancient Italian civilization, believed geese had supernatural visionary powers as oracle birds with these prophetic powers residing within its bones. The Etruscans observed the migratory behavior of geese and believed their reappearance each year signaled the return of the sun, the arrival of spring, and with it, fertility and prosperity.

The day to celebrate the magical and prophetic powers of the goose was November 11, Saint Martin’s day. After feasting on a fattened goose its bones would be dried in the sun, and the next day the breastbone in particular would be examined to predict the severity of the approaching winter. A dark wishbone predicted a severe winter, whereas a lighter color forecast a mild winter.

In 1455 German physician, Dr. Hartleib witnessed and described this practice, and also noted that the Teutonic knights of the time would use a goose’s wishbone to determine the most advantageous time to wage war. Continue Reading →

Dreaming of an Island Lifestyle

Seems we’ve been in a blue lagoon kinda mood of late…. So we created a new range of gorgeous island castaway blue lagoon inspired pieces…


She Stole Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

With the end of Summer rapidly approaching, we tend to grasp it with our two hands for as long as we possibly can.

‘She Stole Sea Shells’ is one of our favourite ocean inspired pieces handcrafted in our Byron Bay studio.

Available online and packaged beautifully in a hard covered black box… this is a truly gorgeous piece for self or a loved one.

AUD $99.00
FREE SHIPPING throughout Australia for a limited time.  


Fashion, Art and the Baule Tribe

‘Adorned by Buddha & the Baule’ is one of our stunning exclusive one-off necklaces.

This piece features:
Handcrafted clay Buddha amulet pendant from Thailand set in brass. Antique hand-cast trade beads from the Baule Tribe of the Ivory Coast, Africa (see history below). Cowry shell clusters from East Timor, with wooden and brass beading on knotted hemp with an adjustable brass chain.


The Baule Tribe:

The Baule also known as Baoule, are one of the largest ethnic groups of the Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) in Africa. They played a central role in twentieth-century history of their country having waged the longest war of resistance to French colonization of any West African people, whilst also managing to maintain their traditional beliefs and objects for longer than many other ethnic groups. Continue Reading →

Be Your Own Valentine

With Valentines Day just a hop skip and a fluttering heartbeat away, this last week has had me thinking a lot about that loaded four letter word – love.

Being a single woman rapidly approaching 40, I felt a little uncomfortable with the idea of dishing out dating advice or sharing my somewhat limited ponderings on love, so instead I’ve decided to share with you what I have found to be one of the most fundamental lessons when it comes to love…

In the past when I found myself crying into a cup of organic cocoa over the guy I swore was going to be the one… I would scrutinize at which exact point I lost myself in the relationship. Generally, the answer would be “in the first 0.3256 seconds”… and in that moment I would remind myself the next relationship I was to embark on, would be one with self. Continue Reading →