JFK Assassination

Tomorrow, November 22nd will be the 52nd anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  A moment in history which has stamped itself on the hearts and minds of millions around the world.

This rare photograph depicts the moment when Jackie was trying to recover pieces of skull and brain tissue that got splattered over the boot. It was an instant reaction and when she realised what she was doing she quickly backed off and sat back down.

Latest Works of Wearable Art

We have been busy bee’s in the Republic studio, creating a stunning new range of exclusive one-off designer pieces for the festive season… This collection we have focused on neutral tones and striking black and cream pieces adorned with antique silver-alloy tribal features.

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Darkness Prevails

Our latest one-off neckpieces are inspired by a dark and and moody mystical realm. With key features from Ethiopia and the nomadic Banjara Tribe of Northern India, we have used masses of kangaroo hide leather that has been knotted and wrapped to give a truly unique aesthetic.

These pieces are available exclusively at Island Luxe and Island Luxe Tribe in the beautiful Byron Bay region.

Island Luxe Tribe
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Byron Bay, NSW, Australia 2481
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Island Luxe
62 Byron Street
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When nothing seems to be going right... 
Go left.

The Sailor, the Pirate and the Deep Blue Sea

We collect a vast array of vintage, antique and collectible items from across the globe. We breathe new life into forgotten relics from history creating unique and meaningful exclusive one-off pieces of wearable art.

This piece titled ‘The Sailor, the Pirate and the Deep Blue Sea’, features:

  • Old coin pendant dated 1976 and silver alloy scalloped edge coin pendants dated from 1962 to 1963 with ghungroo bell beads from the nomadic Banjara Tribe of Northern India.
  • Cowry shell clusters from East Timor.
  • Miniature skull beads intricately hand carved from deer antler, using a 300-year-old design passed down through generations of a family of carvers.
  • Knotted hemp string with kangaroo hide leather.
AUD $519