Underwater Love

Being a Scorpio, one of the water signs, anything to do with water entices me. From a young age I would submerge myself in the bathtub and let the sounds of my world drown out to nothingness. I even enjoyed doing the dishes and still do.

My Mum tells a great story which I vaguely have a memory of, from when I was about 4 or 5 years old. It was a weekend and in my cutest little 4 or 5 year old voice, I’d asked Mum if I could help by doing the dishes for her whilst she was outside gardening.

We had a set of tall breakfast bench seats made from pinewood, one of which she brought over to our double stainless steel kitchen sink in preparation for the task at hand. She then filled one of the sinks with warm soapy water to wash the dishes and then the other with plain warm water to rinse the dishes. Mum propped me up on the seat, put a dishcloth in one hand and left me to it.

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W O O D S T O C K…. A Weekend Firmly Planted in Musical History.

I’m not really a festival type of girl. Large crowds kind of freak me out and I seem to experience this type of over sensory sensation like a child on Christmas Day charged up on lollies, then given too many presents. It’s a cross between elated excitement, anxiety and confusion.

If I was born back in 1969, or even in the festival attending age, I would definitely love to have been a part of Woodstock. Not only was it a notable moment in history, it was so much more than that: a gathering of free spirits, wild ones, music lovers and a group of people who unknowingly would undoubtedly shape generations to come.

Art is in the eye of the beholder.

Clever and compelling digital collage of nudes by internationally renowned Sydney based studio Electric Art.

“The best way to predict your future is to create it”
- Abraham Lincoln


Skulls feature prominently in my work… There is something strangely compelling and beautiful about intricately carved skulls.

Republic of You skulls are all individually carved by hand from naturally shed deer antler. The blueprint we use comes from a 300-year-old design passed down through generations of a family of carvers.

I just adore the grungy allure they add to a piece when coupled with other interesting and striking features such as the softness of a cowry shell or a beautiful antique key.

On set of The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957).


I’m not much of a daydreamer, other than spotting a cute guy in the fruit and vegetable aisle of the supermarket, then for the remainder of my shopping experience, I imagine we have fallen madly in love, married, raised beautiful children, fallen out of love, then into hatred, and finally amicably divorcing all by the time I’ve made it to the express checkout with my milk and bread, and perhaps two other items of necessity!

So this post is dedicated to all those daydreamers out there, the ‘real’ ones, not just the phony ones like me who only do so in the supermarket or when I see a super attractive man.


“What defines us is how well we rise after falling.” – Maid in Manhattan

The Andy Warhol Rejection Letter

I just love the postscript at the bottom of the correspondence:

“P.S. The drawing may be picked up from the Museum at your convenience.”

“The goal isn’t to live forever. The goal is to create something that will.”

‘Seek and You Shall Find’

Exclusive one-off piece of wearable art handcrafted in our Byron Bay studio, Australia.

Antique hand-blown glass apothecary medicine bottle, with rolled map of Paris, circa 1920′s.
Vintage enamel crucifix and vintage religious ‘Jesus’ icon from Rome.
Antique hand cast ‘bug’ beads from the Igbo Tribe of Nigeria, Africa.
Cowry shell clusters from East Timor.
Miniature glass and brass beading with knotted and waxed hemp detail.

P A R I S – If the Truth be Told.

Although I love the idea of Paris, I have to be sheepishly honest and tell you I’ve never been. But what’s more embarrassingly so, it’s the tale of a lone orange which has stuck in my mind and holds me back every time the city is mentioned.

The story of the lone orange was a travelling tale told by a fellow Australian: He visited the capital almost a decade ago with his mere Grade 8 knowledge of the language (a darn sight more than I possess let me tell you). Upon entering a café where beautiful women ate egg whites all around him, he asked the waiter for an orange juice.  After several moments, and possibly a chorus of chuckles from the kitchen, the waiter returned with a glass vessel in hand holding a minuscule amount of orange juice in it. When my friend asked quite politely (in English) “where is the rest of the juice?” the waiter replied, “Sir, you asked for an orange juice… and this is the juice of an orange.”!


‘An Ode to Shoes’

Exclusive one-off piece of wearable art handcrafted in our Byron Bay studio.

Solid brass pistol pendat with antique ‘Shoes 307′ brass tag from London.
Miniature skull, hand caved from naturally shed deer antler.
Vintage brass crucifix from Rome, circa 1950′s.
Brass beading with knotted and waxed cotton detail, with kangaroo hide leather entwined brass chain.



There is something eerily beautiful about mist; small droplets of water suspended, floating silently through the air, thickening it like a cloud of hazy nothingness. Water yet to be risen.

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