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I just love a good Press Bio… especially when its almost 37 years old and was the first to be released for the Ramones!

Caravans… Reminiscing about Family Holidays

As kids Dad would take us on trips to our caravan. It was kept at a place by a majestic lake on the outskirts of Victoria called Eppalock. The idea of spending our summer at a miniature house on wheels was always exhilarating. It was a place where we would water ski, hang with the other kids, play from dawn to dusk, eat peanut butter sandwiches, swat flies, and enjoy charred meat from a barbeque every evening.

I remember the jingle of the milk, ice cream and lolly truck every early morning and late afternoon, where swarms of kids would come running from every direction with pocket money in hand, pushing and shoving their way through the small crowd to get their hands on a red-skin, or a Sunnyboy ice block. Continue Reading →

Music is the medicine of the mind. – John A. Logan

‘Rite of Passage’

Featuring an antique traditional brass Dorje ritual object from Tibet, with cowry shell clusters from East Timor, wooden, brass and miniature glass beading and brass chain entwined with kangaroo hide leather.

The word Dorje means Lord of Stones in Tibetan. It symbolizes the capacity to transform all experience into an experience of enlightened perspective. The dorje symbolizes the skillful means of transforming our ordinary experience to one that will propel us on our spiritual path. The dorje has five extraordinary characteristics. It is impenetrable, immovable, immutable, indivisible, and indestructible. The dorje is the indestructible weapon of the wrathful deities. It is the symbol of spiritual authority of the peaceful deities.

Guaranteed one-off piece of wearable art handcrafted in our Byron Bay studio, Australia.
AUD $399

Wooden Wrist Wear

Designed for everyday wear, our stunning range of hand carved wooden bangles have sweet little messages engraved in each, as a subtle reminder of what’s important in life. All priced under AUD $50 they make the perfect gift for self or a loved one.

Celebrating the Fro

It’s impossible not to notice a good afro, or even a bad one for that matter. I love them regardless if it’s a vintage style afro sported with a pair or bell-bottoms, or it’s a more unruly one belonging to a child.

All afros, regardless of what era they are from, seem to unequivocally demand our attention. They are like a walking art instillation, often wild and unruly. Only the brave would attempt to tame such a beast.

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‘Mystic Ascent’

One-off piece of wearable art handcrafted in our Byron Bay studio, Australia. 

Antique Ethiopian leather talisman amulet scroll, Traditionally gifted to boys at birth to give protective properties, healing, and blessings – (this ancient tradition is no longer practiced in Ethiopian society today).
Antique barrel key from India.
Old silver alloy Indian coin pendants from Nepal dated 1966, 1972 and 1987.
Antique hand-cast brass ‘bug’ beads from the Igbo Tribe, Africa.
Old brass beads from the Baule Tribe, Ivory Coast, Africa.
Solid brass Buddha pendant from a Buddhist temple in Thailand.
Sliced cowry shells from East Timor and antique glass beads from Nepal.
Knotted and waxed hemp detail on an adjustable brass chain.


Wild & Free

When I ponder the words ‘wild’ and ‘free’ the imagery that arises for me is centred around barren dusty vast landscapes, wild horses, naked bodies adorned in feathers, sun kissed skin and the odd pair of cowgirl boots.

I often wonder what it would be like to live in the desert with all its apparent limitless space to contemplate life, birds with the grandest of wingspans gracefully soaring overhead and the biggest, brightest most twinkling skies the night has to offer.



‘Never love anybody who treats you like you’re ordinary’ ~ Oscar Wilde

Rockin’ it in the Free World

Ms Moss

Ms Moss is undeniably a chameleon of epic proportions, a modern day muse and undoubtedly one of the most photographed women of today.

Although Kate has been around for what seems to be an eternity, she has only really come on to my radar in the last few years.  With each image that graces itself across my eyeballs, I find myself muttering out loud “wow”, “oh wow”, “WOW”.

Here are some facts about this incredibly diverse and talented woman you may not have known.

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‘Life is for deep kisses, strange adventures, midnight swims & rambling conversations’

She Lost Her Soul from Africa to India

Antique hand-cast brass African hair bead made by the Yoruba People of Nigeria.
Antique hand-cast braided brass bead from the Khond People of Africa.
Old keys from India, and sliced cowry shell clusters from East Timor.
Knotted and wrapped cotton, and hemp detail on an adjustable brass chain.

One-off design handcrafted in our Byron Bay studio, Australia. 


Growing up, often you are drawn to those qualities or physical attributes in people, which you don’t possess yourself. In my case, I was always secretly stealing glimpses across the classroom or the playground at the only red haired girl in our class. Her looks bewildered me; flaming red tangled hair, beautiful pale almost translucent skin and freckles on her face for every star in the Milky Way.

I was often teased at school, not for the colour of my hair, but for the dark tone of my European skin. She was also taunted fiercely about the way she looked from the other, more generic Anglo-Saxon looking students.  I can’t remember her name, but I bet she is a true beauty today after blossoming into all her womanly magnificence.





It’s Friday’s Gathering Mr Crusoe!

Oyster shell from Designers personal collection, found on Belongil Beach, Byron Bay, Australia.
Antique mala Yak bone prayer beads with copper inlay from Tibet.
Antiques keys, and an old coin from India dated 1982.
Miniature skull hand carved from naturally shed deer antler.
Antique hand cast ‘Bug’ beads from the Igbo Tribe of Africa.
Solid brass elephant pendant from a Buddhist temple in Thailand.
Sliced cowry shells from East Timor, knotted and wrapped cotton detail, and knotted kangaroo hide leather on an adjustable brass chain.
AUD $389

One-off design handcrafted in our Byron Bay studio, Australia. 

An Australian Stowaway.

An incredible image captured in 1970 by amateur photographer John Gilpin.

Testing a new camera lens he was snapping shots of aeroplanes during take off near Sydney Airport. It wasn’t until he’d later developed his film he realised he’d unwittingly captured the 200ft plunge of a stowaway.

The stowaway was 14 year old Australian Keith Sapsford. He had climbed aboard the Japan Airlines Tokyo bound flight unnoticed, and either slipped, jumped from fright, or had been dislodged by moving equipment.

His father reportedly said “All my son wanted to do was see the world”.

Caine’s Arcade

I’m not a parent. I can’t even begin to imagine the grief one must put themselves through, at times, ensuring their child is given the best possible start in life. All little people require a solid framework from which to grow into happy, healthy and confident human beings.

Not only is it important to nurture their physical and emotional wellbeing but also to allow them the opportunity to dip their little fingers into a variety of life’s proverbial pies to discover what they are naturally drawn to, where their talents lie and what ignites their little spirits.

It’s these natural talents which will burn a fire within, hence starting a ripple effect whereby they are able to find their little feet in life, gaining a sense of satisfaction, pride and most importantly self-confidence.

I grew up in a family of scholars and intellectuals. It took some time for them to recognise that I was drawn naturally to the creative. Luckily, I eventually found my own way but I imagine my life could have been very different if this had been discovered at a much earlier age.

This is a beautiful video about a remarkably talented, forward thinking and creative young boy who lets his imagination run wild during his school break.

‘If you make friends with yourself you will never be alone’ ~ Maxwell Maltz

Don’t Forget to Remember…

‘… they slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered’ ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

‘I’ve always liked the time before dawn because there’s no one around to remind me who I’m supposed to be, so it’s easier to remember who I am.’ ~ Unknown

You are not lost.
You are here.

Just remember, before Alice got to Wonderland, she had to fall pretty hard down a deep hole!