Those Stones Keep Rolling

“Everyone talks about Rock these days; the problem is they forget about the Roll” – Keith Richards.


The Enchantment of Amber

Featuring an antique perfume bottle from the Victorian era, with an old barrel key from India.
Antique handmade ‘Lost Wax’ method Ashanti beads from the Ivory Coast, Africa, with wooden, brass and miniature glass beading, knotted and waxed khaki cotton, and a leather entwined brass chain. AU $459.00


float•ing (flō’ting) – adj. Having little or no attachment to a particular place; moving from one place to another.

From as young as I remember, I recall having the ability to float in my dreams, jumping off random cliff tops into the breeze and gently floating downwards close to the shoreline where waves crashed violently on rocks covered by seagull poop… That particular image is still so vivid in my mind and inspired me to share these dazzling images with you.


Featuring a large antique crucifix from France with wooden inlay c1940′s, with two smaller crucifixes from Lourdes, and Italy. Indigo blue leather tassel with brass, wooden and miniature glass beading, on a triple brass chain. AU $399.00

Feather in a Bottle

Hand blown glass Apothecary medicine bottle c1920′s with small feather found in my garden, and a vintage newspaper stopper.
Antique hand-cast ‘Bug’ beads from the Igbo Tribe of Africa.
Old brass Baulue beads from the Ivory Coast, Africa.
Cowry shell clusters, brass and wooden beading, with knotted and waxed hemp detail.

AU $419.00

The London Blitz

War images often render me speechless.  They fill me with awe and wonder… they move something within I don’t quite understand. I feel immense gratitude for those people who have endured these times.  So when I’m walking down the street, and I see an elderly person, I always offer a warm smile because you never really know who they are, the struggles they’ve overcome, or what they have endured in their lives.

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Siding with the Enemy

‘Siding with the Enemy’ is an emotive one-off piece honouring those men and women who fought for freedom in WWII.

Antique WWII German rifle cartridge made in 1936.
Old Indian coin pendants from, Nepal dated 1972 and 1986.
Antique key from India.
Snake vertebrae from Nepal.
Antique hand-cast brass ‘Bug’ bead from the Igbo Tribe, Africa.
Old brass Baulue beads from the Ivory Coast, Africa.
Solid brass Elephant pendant charm from a Buddhist temple in Thailand.
Knotted and wrapped cotton and leather detail, with brass beading, and a leather entwined brass chain.

AU $509.00

The Art of Telling it Like it Is!

I can just imagine Marilyn Monroe, sitting there in all her glamour and beauty, high on Champagne, drafting this letter.

“Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness” – Frank Tyger

“Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art”. – Andy Warhol

Knit It

I do love a good woollen or cotton knit, there’s something sexy and dreamy about donning a cotton knit in summer, and throughout winter I feel a special connection with my hearty woollens…  it’s a comfort and warmth thing, security I suppose, perhaps even protection. I ponder the journey the fibre has taken from farm to wardrobe, waiting patiently for winter to roll around until it eventually has the opportunity to lay itself upon my skin offering warmth and comfort – the full circle so to speak.


Feathered Frocks

There is something intrinsically extravagant about feathered frocks, perhaps it’s because I live in a small costal town where people mainly kick around in super casual wear like bikinis and shorts in summer, or jeans and t-shirts in winter. On the rare occasion that you do see someone even slightly dressed up is when they are either off to a wedding or making an appearance in court!

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Sand Art

There is something remarkably unique about artists who choose sand, ocean, and the shifting tides as a canvas for their medium. Perhaps it’s the absence of ego or attachment to their work, or their ability to work with such a huge space, governed by the majestic force of Nature. Whatever it is, their work always renders me speechless, and leaves me wondering what type of evolved human being can produce such dexterous works of art, to only have it washed away from underneath them within hours.

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Urban Angels

I like the idea of urban angels, celestial city dwellers gifted with invisible wings waiting patiently around the corner, at the cinema or on the subway ready to mop up after our mistakes. They protect us from daily mishaps, or help us avoid that certain situation by intercepting a moment in time. I doubt they exist, but I like to think they do.


“One of the greatest gifts we can give another human being is to inspire their creativity.” – Anonymous.